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Tom Cruise is not just in physical shape now that he’s 50 years old. The Hollywood star would also be taking care of close to the tresses, worried about getting bald in the future, according to a report published by “Star Magazine”. The new feature of the actor, still second to the magazine, would be the drug Rogaine, which has been successful among men and women who struggle against baldness.

Before restricted to the male and female public after the age of 45, baldness has made younger and younger victims. About 25% of women aged 30 have already had symptoms of androgenetic alopecia, the scientific name of the disorder, according to dermatologist João Carlos Pereira, from São José do Rio Preto (SP).

“With women in the job market, having greater social participation and practicing physical activities, it is no longer possible to keep hair strategically tidy, hiding the thin area for days or weeks,” says Pereira. Apart from the evidence that this reality contributes to the problem. “In the last 20 years, the incidence of female fall has practically doubled,” says dermatologist Valcinir Bedin, of São Paulo.

The drug used by Tom Cruise – which also has a version for women – is produced based on minoxidil, which acts to drive blood flow to the cells of your scalp, thus causing the hair to grow by increasing the number of cells that grow actively. The product should be applied twice a day.

High-grade stress, as well as autoimmune diseases, can lead to collapse – and they plunge into tufts. It is alopecia areata, known as peeled. The scalp has rounded flaws the size of a coin at several points. The same damage can occur due to mistreatment of the wires.

Crumbly hair donors are strong candidates for the fall of the traumatic type. “The more the wire is wound, the less it grows and the more fragile it is,” explains Alessandra. Because of this, it may fall due to straightening, relaxing, plaiting, excessive brushing … “The severity of the fall is, in many cases, irreversible,” says Pereira. And those who have smooth hair and do not dispense a chemistry, especially the successive discolorations, can make it thin, dry, rough and with double ends. It gets brittle and tends to fall.

Worth having special affection for hair, talk to your hairdresser on how to change the look without harming the wires and bet on a balanced diet. Certain foods, rich in substances that strengthen and form the yolk, can not be lacking in their menu: meats (amino acids lysine, cysteine ​​and proline), orange vegetables such as carrots and dark green leaves (beta carotene), grains, nuts, legumes And whole grains (B vitamins).

With alopecia areata installed, a doctor will indicate injections of medications, use of creams or even applications of substances such as minoxidil.

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