Allied Against Hair Loss: Erbium Fractional Laser

The treatments against hair loss have been gaining more and more allies over the years. In addition to the oral therapy, performed through finasteride, dutasteride, vitamin complexes, minoxidil, growth factors and local antiandrogens, these medications are receiving support from laser therapy. LLLT therapy, for example, has shown important effects in reducing the drop and stimulation of capillary cells, and in reducing follicle microinflammation.

Nowadays, the great novelty in this area is the Fractional Laser of Erbium, used to stimulate the growth of the wires. This was already indicated in dermatological medicine to treat acne, stretch marks, among other skin problems. In a study presented in South Korea, laser treatment showed good results in the treatment of hair loss. Erbium Fractionated Laser causes a change in the hair growth cycle, causing cells that were in the inactive phase, to move rapidly into the active growth phase (Anagen), with a substantial increase in hair growth. For satisfactory treatment, six sessions are required at intervals of 15 days each. The maintenance can be done once a month, or according to the guidelines of the dermatologist, explains Dr. João Carlos Pereira, JC Hair Transplant of S.J. Rio Preto

It is possible to notice an improvement in the growth of the wires from third application. The results are not miraculous (not effective in totally bald people), but they help fight hair loss and slow baldness early.