Baldies make hair tattoo to conceal baldness

Hair tattoo is the cheapest solution that the hair implant is beginning to be used by men.

Most men suffer a lot when they start balding. For those who want to find a way, but can not spend a lot of money on implants and treatments, a peculiar alternative has arisen: make a hair-size tauage on the head.

The exit, known as MHT (Micro Hair Technique) is getting so popular in England that the number of fans has increased 20% in the last year, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

There, a transplant leaves for about R $ 68 thousand (25 thousand pounds). Already the tattoo is at R $ 5,400 (2,000 pounds), much cheaper.

The technique was developed by Ian Watson in a curious case: after the tragic death of his brother Paul at age 32 due to cancer, he asked the widow and ex-sister-in-law to take the smallest pen he had and draw his hair in the Bald man of the deceased – who lost his hair due to chemotherapy.

After much research, Ian started taking the idea forward with hair loss specialists and also with semi permanent makeup experts. It worked. Now it will open clinics in Europe and the United States.