Baldness vaccine may come from the pig bladder

An American doctor has announced that he is close to curing and preventing baldness, as the Daily Mail reported recently. Gary Hitzig developed a kind of vaccine made from a substance taken from the patient’s own blood (plasma PRP) and mixed with ACell, a powerful extract from the pigs’ bladder.

The drug is being tested in England at the private clinic of Dr. Raghu Reddy, who called the revolutionary treatment for restoring hair growth in men with baldness in the early and moderate stages. “Just as a vaccine prevents the flu, injections of ACell and PRP can prevent future hair loss, as well as restore the wires,” he said.

The treatment consists of injections that act as a protective barrier on the healthy cells of the growing strands and replicate the surrounding tissue, allowing the cells to return to that location, stimulating hair growth. Baldness is a problem caused by the combination of genetics and hormones and that up to the present time has no cure.

Source: Earth

Comment from Dr. João Carlos Pereira
PRP plasma rich in platelets, has been widely used in several areas of medicine with many benefits and also in hair transplantation for better preservation of the grafts before they are implanted but, regarding the vaccine that the DR reports, we do not yet have a substrate Formalized scientist who gives support to this technique. So it is still too early to rely on this technique and look forward to more conclusive studies.