Britney Spears may be getting bald …

Britney Spears may be balding! That’s it. It is that according to the catch of the site “X17”, the singer who was strolling with the youngest son, Jayden James, was clicked with strange threads implanted in the scalp. The question is: would it be just use of poor quality chemicals or early baldness? It is worth remembering that the blonde has been wearing megahair in her hair for years.
And, according to “OK! Magazine”, Spears even paid $ 8,000 ($ 15,000) to one of her dancers for her blond hair. The dancer in question had to keep her hair very short and even painted them brown.
“Britney looks better with blonde hair, and she knows it. She just paints it darkly when she undergoes some very drastic change in her life,” explained celebrity hairdresser Jai Rodriguez
Well, if the question continues, how about a hair transplant / implant?

Source: MSN