Cauã Reymond confesses that he is afraid of being bald (calm, there is the hair transplant / implant) …

Global actor Cauã Reymond reveals that one of his biggest fears is balding. The revelation was made in an interview for the newspaper “Diário de S. Paulo”. He said he was over 20 and started to think about it.

“There are people who come to 30 and there is not any more (hair).” Of course I’m scared to be bald! “The other day, a person who cut my hair said that I do not take the risk. , But at 30 I think, “confessed the interpreter of the cyclist Danilo de” Passione “(novel of prime time of the” Globe Network “).
According to Dr. João Carlos Pereira, this concern can be diagnosed with a TrichoScan® exam that evaluates the condition of the wires (miniaturization process). Thus it is possible to start the prevention treatment and enable to prevent hair loss.
Source: SRZD