What causes the appearance of white hair?

White hairs what are they?

The main cause of the appearance of white hair is the natural drop in melanin production. According to dermatologist João Carlos Pereira, from JC Pereira Hair Transplant, from Rio Preto, “over the years, cells undergo a process called apoptosis, which is the death of the cell that produces melanin, a pigment that gives color to And skin. The death of this cell, the melanocyte, is programmed by the genetics of each one. ”

It is estimated that at least 50% of the population over 50 years of age present white wires on the scalp. However, age is not always responsible for canine (scientific name for white hair). There are young people with white hair, and when that happens, one of the culprits is heredity. If parents or grandparents have had white hair early, they probably will too.
Another villain is stress, although there is no scientific evidence to prove that it alone leads to the appearance of white hair, current research discloses a significant increase of this characteristic in people who have experienced strong emotions.

Equally responsible factor are some hormonal diseases and nutritional deficiencies, such as the lack of folic acid and vitamin B12, leading to early depigmentation of the wires, as well as, says Dr. João Carlos: “the low intake of minerals: zinc, copper, Manganese etc. With the exception of rare cases, the diet of Brazilians is poor in minerals, add it to the very restrictive regimes and we will have a scenario favorable to the problem. ” That is, a balanced diet and the adoption of healthier living habits will certainly help preserve the proper functioning of the body and consequently reduce the speed of decline of its functions such as the production of melanin. However: “once installed the cancie, there is no turning back, only the tincture can solve,” reports the specialist.

Hairdressing salons have various dyeing techniques as well as types of products, some in shampoos, others as toners, for those who do not want to dye their hair. But before coloring the wires, it is imperative to pay attention to the quality of the tincture or the toner that will be used. It is worth remembering that, over time, the skin will lose its natural lubrication and this is reflected in the hair, which can become more dry. Dyed white yarns require specific daily treatment to prolong staining.