Company launches head massager that decreases hair loss …

Massager for hair loss

Kinatech has launched an innovative product: it is a scalp massager that promises to relax the head and, with this relaxation, reduce the incidence of hair loss.

Headtime, as the massager was called, has been developed with acupuncture concepts, that is, it works by pressing specific points on the user’s head that improve circulation and relieve tension.
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Opinion of Dr. João Carlos Pereira:

“The positive aspect of massage, either manually or through appliances, is that it stimulates blood circulation, increases local metabolism and reduces stiffness of the scalp skin. On the other hand, it can increase oiliness due to the stimulation of the sebaceous glands And also increase the supply of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in hair follicles with inheritance of baldness due to improved blood supply “