Eike Batista does hair treatment (will it be a hair implant?) With a type of wig …

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Ex-bald, notorious, entrepreneur Eike Batista has paraded with a large chestnut hair, with straight to fringe. In the past, the man who holds the title of eighth richest man in the world had already assumed that he had done a discreet hair transplant (or capillary implant, as it is popularly known). But this time, the look is different. Wig? New implant? Interlace? “It is a technique of capillary densification,” Batista told ISTOÉ. The billionaire declined to give details of the lawsuit, but sent word to the readers: “Use it, I recommend it to everyone! It’s an extraordinary treatment I made in São Paulo. ”

Unfortunately, not everyone without hair can follow the tip. The treatment costs between R $ 25 thousand and R $ 70 thousand and can take up to ten months. The Capelli Naturali Contact, name of the capillary density, is made in Brazil by a clinic from São Paulo, a partner of the Cesare Ragazzi baldness center in Bologna, Italy. According to the owner, Ana Maria Ventura, it is indicated when there is no possibility of hair growth. The detail of how the new strands are attached to the head is that it is the cat’s leap. “But this information is reserved only for the patient,” says Ana Maria. The wires do not come loose – it is allowed to run, swim, etc. – and neither do they grow. “It’s a non-invasive and non-aggressive method.”
Not all doctors agree. Plastic Surgeon Milton Peruzzo says he has answered “several regrets.” He says that the problem with the method is the aggression that the silicone film, in which the new wires are, causes it to be stuck to the scalp. “The place is stuffy, it retains secretions, which increases fungi and bacteria and causes bad smell,” he says. Plastic Surgeon Ricardo Lemos of the International Association of Hair Restoration Surgeries advises only bald people who can not undergo transplantation. “It’s a sophisticated wig, but it’s still a prosthesis. It’s not treatment. “Eike Batista does not want to get into controversy and says it’s not against baldness. Although he is very happy with the abundant hair, the billionaire does not rule out returning to the old look. “Maybe one day? They say bald heads are more interesting, “he ventures, from the top of his irresistible bank account.

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