Find out what are the trends in male haircuts …

It’s raining men in the salon. Hallelujah! Male representatives no longer freak out when they want to look better and look far beyond the traditional service of beard, hair and mustache. Therefore, colorations, enhanced cuts, styling and other differentiated services need to please in full and be part of your repertoire. Find out what are the male trends (and preferences) of the season and win loyal customers.

To please in full, it is necessary to present novelties and trends, such as those that the hair stylists Marcos Corazza and Gilberto Mello showed during the workshop held in the last Hair Brasil. Discover here the new men’s proposals.

More volume
In the opinion of hairstylists, the mullets were left in the past, giving rise to volume at the top of the head and more symmetrical cuts, even if disconnected. According to Eric Zemmour, French hairdresser and ambassador of L`Oreal Professionel, the season will be short cuts, but with sexy style. In the same wave, Gilberto Mello and Marcos Corazza bet on rockabilly, with very short side and neck. “For those who like it, these areas can be scraped,” says Marcos.

The mohawk is still high but less punk and more accurate. “It should not be too noticeable to create possibilities for hairstyles for all male styles – it can be worn all forward or well shivered,” explains Gilberto. The right way to perform this cut is by shredding the encounter between the tuft and the tapped part of the base, which must be trimmed with the comb machine of smaller size.

For those who do not give up the longer length, the hairstylist Rodrigo Cintra, from São Paulo, believes in the disconnected version on the back. “It’s not the way the Argentines use, but more to the side, the one that in front you see the wires coming out behind the ear, in the Spanish style.”

Regarding the chops, Gilberto and Marcos explain that they are on the rise, but should be trimmed according to the shape of each man’s face. Leave them a little too long not to create a very spare chin. In the case of kids faces, any length can be used, as long as it is harmonious with the set, “explains Gilberto.

Colors and volumes
A service that pleases the male wing, especially the younger ones, are the wicks. “Lighten only one or two tones in scattered wicks, not to mark, because the more natural, the better the result,” Marcos says. Copper reflections in dark hair highlight the shredded cuts, which give lightness to the appearance.

Source: You Brasil