Gazeta de Alagoas – Women who do transplantation / hair implant

The number of women doing hair transplantation / hair implant has increased

Whoever thinks that hair transplantation (or hair implant, as it is popularly known) is only man’s thing, it is better to review his concepts. It’s okay that boys are still mostly in the doctor’s office, but the number of women who undergo surgery has increased considerably in recent years. According to the JC Pereira Hair Transplant clinic, the specialist Dr. João Carlos Pereira, the growth was 25%.
Currently, the clinic in São José do Rio Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, performs a transplant in a woman for every 20 men. In the past, the ratio was 50 to one. The doctor also reminds that normally, female pattern baldness is diagnosed late, “because they imagine treating a common hair loss. They go through countless unsuccessful treatments, most often cosmetics through hairdressers and even dermatologists. ”
Medical data says that today, about 25% of women and 80% of men have some degree of baldness. But in women the problem is less serious, as the hair loss reaches a certain stage of rarefaction and stops falling. Despite this, more than enough to disturb them and even cause severe emotional imbalances, according to the doctor.
The transplant procedure is the same for men and women, but with some technical variations. “In women, hair takes longer to be born, but grows faster. The new hairs can withstand all kinds of torture: brushes, stretching, relaxation, megahair, plaques. The tincture always ennobles the hair, as long as it is well made, “concludes Dr. João Carlos.
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