Hair stuck for a long time can damage the wires …

Hair stuck why not use?

The hair-tightening method known as “ponytail” is often used by women to change the look or even to relieve the heat. The problem is that if used too tight and for too long, it can damage the wires, causing them to be marked and brittle.

According to the dermatologist and hair specialist João Carlos Pereira, the ideal is that the hair should be trapped with a certain amount of slack, so they do not get so tight. Another option is to replace the elastic by the hair itself or by toothpicks, which decrease the traction.
According to Condor beauty consultant, Gennaro Preite other options are to make a quick brush just to tame the hair; To adopt the soft braid, where the look gains a romantic and delicate air or coke and use cream without rinsing, mousse or activator of the curls.