Hair transplant: know the differences of the transplant …

Although commonly referred to as “hair implant” for hair transplant surgeries, the term “implant” defines the artificial procedure while transplantation defines the natural procedure. See below what the two techniques are and how they work:

Hair Implant:
Uses synthetic yarns that are attached to the skin subcutaneously through a “knot” at the end of the yarn. The result is almost immediate, but does not look the same as natural hair. Sometimes it is necessary to dye all the yarns to standardize the color of the synthetic and natural hair on the head. The technique offers satisfactory results at first but, over time, can bring complications. It happens that after six months or a year, when the body recognizes the foreign element in the skin, the defense cells attack the naylon of the wires causing inflammatory process in the place and rejection of the same. The wires are being eliminated gradually or an inflammation / infection occurs at the base of all the wires occuring a generalized drop.
In addition to the undesirable loss of hair, the scalp is left with cicatricial sequelae, similar to a seamstress’s thimble (full of holes).
Hair transplant:
It is made with natural hair (of the person) and presents totally natural and definitive results, guaranteed by the new techniques such as follicular, which reproduces in the bald area the same type of implantation and distribution that exists in the donor area of ​​the individual. The hair lasts for a lifetime and can be taken care of naturally as if it were the original hair. Know more…