Haircut reveals professional posture …

The hair style reveals a lot about the personality of the people, and can determine the posture of a professional within their job.

The statement is by the plastic artist Philip Hallawell, of São Paulo, author of the book Integrated Visagism:
The secret, he says, lies in the lines that make up the cut – straight, sloping, or curved – that define a personal image. “Straight cuts are linked to determination and leadership, leaning lines are associated with creativity, and the curves are smooth, suitable for doctors and nurses,” says Philip.
As for length, he advises: in the corporate world, long strands should be avoided or trapped. “Long hair is a sign of sensuality. Holding shows commitment,” he says.
Ricardo Xavier’s consultant, Neli Barboza, suggests that employees try to align themselves with each company’s profile. If the environment is formal, so should the appearance of the employee.
Here are some tips.


Straight and short cuts are ideal for businessmen who hold top management positions, such as Roberto Justus. You can use gel or ointment by modeling backwards, creating a wet look or a tuft. It requires a monthly pass in the hall.

Irregular cuts denote the dynamism of entrepreneurs and advertisers. Can be shaped with ointments. Cut every two months. “This man has his hair cut like Brad Pitt and George Clooney,” says hairdresser Marco Antonio Di Biaggi.

More spiky or curly, used in the natural, like those of the actor Eriberto Leão. The longer threads should reach the maximum up to the nape of the neck. “Avoid exaggerations, because those who have contact with customers should look good,” says Ligia Marques, an etiquette consultant.


Maximum length at shoulder height, mixing straight and curved lines. Marco Antonio indicates the use of flat iron to keep hair aligned, weekly visits to the salon to make brush and cut every 45 days. “The ideal is the chanel, the Kate Holmes, slightly peaked.”

Peeled front under chin and longer wires modeled with brush, like the look of actress Jennifer Aniston, owner of a popular court in salons. Short, well-pointed and irregularly pointed hands demonstrate initiative. More natural aspect. Cut every two months.

Bold style with cuts and colors, looser curls and even black power. The Kate Moss style, with a purposefully dropped look, is Marco Antonio’s chosen one: spiked with more messy tips. The maintenance of the cut depends on the style, but varies from two to three months.

Source: You / SA