IG Style – men tell how they learned to live with baldness

The bald have their charm

Men tell how they learned to live well with baldness and know the treatments available

Vladimir Maluf

To confirm the title of this story, more than 9,000 defenders of bald heads gather in a community on the Internet. And it’s not just men, no. There are a good number of women who bet on the charm of a glossy head. And they’ve figured that out and gotten excited to realize that the problem may not be as terrifying as it sounds.
The filmmaker Thiago Paiva, 25, takes on good the absence of wires. “I have some entrances. I’ll go bald. So, I already scratch everything to get used to the look and get used to people too, “he says, who began to lose his hair by the age of 18.
But he does not complain. “I do not think that’s a bit bad. I always shaved my head. When I realized that I would be bald early in life I joined this new haircut and never let it grow. I think it’s a charm, I think it’s practical and I do not give a damn. ”
Face the bald head!
The strands began to abandon Vinicius Landi at the age of 27. Today, at 32, he shaves his head completely and does not care. “When it started to fall, I relaxed and started to shave. Step zero machine or even shaver. I like that style, “he says.
“I think even if I had all my hair I would wear it like that,” he says. And says the old song is true: “Sure, it’s the bald guys they like the most. Women love it. Just yesterday I went out with one. My three ex-girlfriends also liked it. One of them loved shaving my head in the shower. ”
Of inheritance, Thiago Gomes de Azevedo gained the baldness. Even with just 22 years, the graphic designer already has very deep entrances. “Until recently, I was ashamed. So I decided to shave. ” And he ended up enjoying the new look and lost the complex. “I think I look good without hair. Glad I do not have big ears, “he jokes.
And the results came soon enough. “I got a girlfriend because of the bald head! I was interested in a girl in a bar. We ended up staying and she said she had been watching me since the beginning of the night because she loved bald. ”
Marcello de Menezes Arcos remembers the past. “I was blond and hairy. And I started to lose my hair. My father wanted me to get treatment, but my strategy was different: I scraped. ” For him, the look beyond beautiful makes a good impression. “I think being bald, at work, I take an image of seriousness and at night gives a fashion look,” says the 29-year-old lawyer.
Learn to deal with this
Of course at the beginning nobody gets very excited. “My hair was beautiful. And at the age of 29, as if in magic, they began to disappear. It took me some time to believe in the tragedy, “recalls photojournalist Maurício Burim, 35, the” only winner “of the three brothers.
To disguise, he tried a few hairstyles. “I had the futile intention of disguising the ‘deforested’ area, until one day, after a gust of wind, when I saw my reflection in the doorway of the ballad, I was frightened. I thought ‘enough of being ridiculous!’ I went home and scraped the other day. Zero! And there was born another man, more confident. ” To the desperate, Mauricio sends a message: “Companions, there is life after the bald”

For those who do not like …
According to the dermatologist Valcinir Bedin, specializing in baldness, the main thing is to have a correct diagnosis. “After that, there is a sequence of treatments. First the topics to go through the scalp, then the oral, then the injectables. ” The last exit is the transplant, but if you do not want to resort to this one, here are some options that several experts presented:
Capillary prosthesis (or wig)
“This prosthesis is indicated for people who do not have wires with enough centimeters to do a stretching,” explains the expert Glecciano Luz. “The hairs are implanted thread by wire in a special film. The result is imperceptible, even to the touch, “he says. One of these prostheses costs from R $ 600.
Cutting, products and beard
For those of you who do not think you can handle the first option, you can try to disguise it a bit with the haircut. But there’s not much to invent. Kenya Castro, who is the hairstylist of the Rio de Janeiro state fair Éclat, says that the ideal is not to make picky cuts. “The hair needs to be cut straight, without marking the sides.”
Kenya gives two other tips: “Men can look for products that contribute to pore dilation.” And, thus, stimulate the growth of the wires. “They can also grow a beard or a goatee. It disguises and gives style to those who assume the bald, “he says.
Drug aid
Baldness occurs through the action of an enzyme called “Five alpha reductase,” according to São Paulo dermatologist Christiana Moron. “Finasteride is a substance that specifically inhibits the action of this enzyme, interrupting the process of decreasing the thickness of the hair follicle, and may cease and even reverse the process, especially in the early or acute stages, where hair loss is intense” .
But attention: the treatment must have medical accompaniment. The dermatologist Edislene Valbão, from Santa Catarina, says that this treatment is effective. “It improves up to 60% of the frame if the problem is early and helps keep the wires.”
Valcin Bedin gives another example: “apart from the vitamin complexes the novelty is Exsynutriment, which is an organic silicon, of maritime origin, with good results. Substitute for the Finasterida is the Serenoa Repesn, which has the same function “.
New medicine on the way
João Carlos Pereira from São José do Rio Preto, a member of the International Society Hair Restoration, says that in addition to Finasteride, a new substance is coming on the market: Dutasteride. However, it has not yet been approved for the treatment of baldness and it is necessary to wait for Anvisa’s endorsement. “This drug has the same characteristics as the other drug, the difference being that it works on two types of causative agents while the Finasterisda acts only on one,” he says.
Topical medications
These are the ones you use on the scalp, rather than ingesting them. “There is Minoxidil and the Diode Laser. This laser is portable and should be used 3 times a week for 15 minutes for a minimum period of 4 months, “explains dermatologist Christiana.
Like Finasteride, this treatment works if the scalp is not yet shiny. Valcinir cites other medications on this line. “There is Avicis and Pilexil, which is a herbal remedy that improves the vascularization of the scalp.”
He also talks about shampoos and special lotions, but it does clarify that they do not avoid falling or reversing. “They are coadjuvant. They may contain active elements that help stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth, “he adds.
Injectable Treatments
Injectables can be associated with oral treatment. “The same medications that are taken by mouth are injected into the scalp. But it does not replace oral. Complements. They are anti-inflammatory aids, but they do not have power in isolation, “says Valinir Bedin.
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