Lady Gaga would be losing her hair

Lady Gaga has revealed that she is losing her hair. The singer, who has become an icon of style with her extravagant clothes and bold hairstyles, said that because of the large number of procedures in her hair for changes in the look, her hair is suffering and her hair is falling.

The interpreter of Bad Romance, who has dark brown as the natural color of her locks, said that she misses her hair at the time when she was just Stephanie Germanotta.

“Now I have to cut my hair that has chemistry because my blonde hair is falling,” he told People in a statement released by the Daily Mail.

In addition, the singer revealed that she sleeps in makeup seven days a week. Questioned about the effects that this could cause to her skin, Gaga said that her genes are good, and that the best beauty secret is to be yourself.

Source: R7
Photo: Disclosure