Micropigmentation: non-surgical alternative to baldness

Cosmetic Micropigmentation, Italian technique, has been pointed out as an alternative for incipient baldness. It is a kind of tattoo made on the scalp, which hides the bald areas. The ink used in this technique is not the same as that used in tattoos. It is softer and targets a temporary result.

According to hair surgeon João Carlos Pereira: “The technique is an option for those who can not perform hair transplantation and want to disguise the localized baldness or thinning of the hair, or transplant of previous hair in the donor area. It is indicated for those who have localized areas of baldness, rarefaction of the hair, scars visible on the scalp or other hairy areas: eyebrows, chops, mustache etc. Even in cranial scars, due to surgeries or accidents or even scars on the scalp left by the hair transplants themselves.

But, it is important to remember that with time, the coloration is reducing and there will be a need for new pigmentary applications to reactivate the original coloration. Another important aspect is the quality of pigments used to avoid discoloration or alteration of pigment color, which we commonly see in non-professional micropigmentations, “he concludes.