micropigmentação ou tricopigmentação
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Micropigmentation or Tricopigmentation

Inserting pigment into the subcutaneous layer of the skin is a technique known by the name of Micropigmentation or Tricopigmentación, name from English (permanent make up) and also known by long-lasting makeup. The applications are varied and indicated for corrections of areolas of the breasts, to minimize the appearance of the scars, spots, to correct the eyebrows, to color the lips, to delineate the eyes and at the moment it is very successful to repair baldness in men and women simulating a shaved hair .

micropigmentação e tricopigmentação
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The confusion between tattooing, definitive makeup and micropigmentation is very common.

The methodology used in each style is similar in some points, but its result is definitely different. An important point before choosing the procedure requires an analysis of the skin structure. By having smaller rotation than the tattoo machine the micropigmentation device that is called a dermograph has no reach beyond that of the second layer of skin to the epidermis. Because it is a region that undergoes constant cell renewal and frequent flaking the applied pigment is “expelled” by the organism over time, requiring its reapplication to ensure that the design and coloring remain perfect.

Already the “conventional” tattoo reaches the third layer of the skin called the dermis that in addition to being the deepest is responsible for sustaining the epidermis, and because there is no cell renewal at this level the applied pigment becomes definitive. The definitive makeup is nothing more than the tattoo for the purpose of covering, camouflage or softening scars and flaws as well as how the name itself says to make the makeup definitive in some region of the body.

There is a variation in micropigmentation duration ranging from 10 to 18 months depending greatly on the technique and material used in the procedure. During this period the pigment tends to lighten and some retouching is required after 40 to 60 days.

micropigmentacao e tricopigmentacao
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There are different micropigmentation techniques each suitable for each type of face, skin or body region.

Known as a compaction technique, the result of this procedure is a well-marked and long-lasting eyebrow. The so-called smoky or shaded technique has a much more natural result, but its durability is less and retouching is more frequent. There is even the favorite of micropigmentation fans who is the 3D technique where the result is so close to the real that it is almost imperceptible to know that what we are seeing is actually a pigment, because this style works with volumes.

New techniques come all the time, and you can already find professionals who are working with 4D and 5D techniques. It is not difficult to find the term of 6D micropigmentation but there is no such procedure or rather has no relation to volume or depth, only takes this name as a brand that was created by David Brown.


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