New hair transplant technique

Nova técnica de transplante capilarNew hair transplant technique uses male breasts on bald heads.

If you are a bald man with no donor area to perform a normal transplant but is very hairy all over the body except in your head, do not worry! Many men like you, with abundant hair on their backs and breasts, often complain about their bald head, saying that the hairs below could be in balance with those above.

But now, using the Motor or Manual F.U.E. There is the possibility of helping all these “sufferers” with a new technique that allows to transplant in the head the ones of other areas of the body, especially of the chest.

The most efficient way to get rid of baldness is hair transplantation – a procedure that removes hair follicles that do not have baldness genetics on the back and sides of the head (donor area) and are transplanted to the bald areas of the head . Many celebrities have adhered to this procedure in their countries, such as Elton John, chef Gordon Ramsay etc. However, this procedure, also known as FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction, is not for all men. First, not all patients have enough hair on the back of the head, to use it as a “donor”, preventing normal transplantation.

Many doctors have recently drawn their attention to another part of the body, often covered with “dense vegetation”: the chest and back.

In this new approach to the treatment of baldness, the London doctor Thomy Kouremada-Zioga says that “in some transplants we can not use the hair of the head of the patients. In these cases, we consider other options, and one of them is the transplant of pectoral hair. Solution will help us achieve a number of strands that can partially or even partially restore the bald area of ​​the head and significantly improve the outcome of the procedure. ”

Here in Brazil, Dr. João Carlos Pereira, renowned professional in this area and famous for working with the robotic FUE technique and also with the conventional Motor and Manual FUE, comments that “this surgical possibility has fulfilled the dream of some patients with a donor area Insufficient scalp and have its bald area restored with the hair of the chest or other regions of the body in a satisfactory way. It’s a more labor-intensive surgery but it’s worth the patient’s satisfaction. ”

However, he recognized that in the head are hairs and the chest are hairs and have different characteristics in man. “Chest hairs are curly, thinner and with limited and slow growth. We can not use them as the only source for hair transplantation because of the risk of poor outcome and also the possibility of acrotic microcysts on the skin of the breast or Other area of ​​the body that were removed, “warned Dr. Pereira.

But this may be the only alternative for men who have few hair to donate for transplantation. If you are bald but have few or no hairs on the chest, unfortunately, you can not benefit from this possibility. The tricopigmentation also called capillary micropigmentation (to put link) and the implant of synthetic threads are the possibilities, to conceal the baldness, besides the hair prosthesis (wig).