President of Bolivia says that cause of baldness is transgenic food …

Bolivian President Evo Morales believes that homosexuality and baldness are related to transgenic food and the increased use of plastic containers.

At the first “World Conference on Climate Change and the Peoples of Mother Earth” yesterday, the President presented the theory that caused astonishment and many laughs.

According to Morales, the large amount of female hormones in chickens is responsible for the alteration of sexual behaviors in men, being one of the causes of homosexuality. In addition to chickens, genetically modified foods also contribute to the same end, being the most obvious explanation for “so many homosexuals in Europe and the world.”

Then there is the relationship between baldness and use of plastic containers. Morales says that the use and abuse of plastic containers to preserve and conserve food better causes baldness. That is why it is that “baldness seems to be a normal disease in Europe, where most men are bald,” unlike the Indians. “This is because of the things they eat. Indigenous people are not bald because they eat other things,” he says.

“The baldness is androgenetic, that is, it is linked to hereditary factors and a fraction of testosterone with a higher incidence in the white race – unlike the indigenous and Asian (yellow) Which have low prevalence. ”

Source: Radio Renascença