Robot helps in hair transplantation

While the remedies against male hair loss have side effects, the most effective solution against baldness is still hair transplant (or hair implant, as it is popularly known). The method used in this type of procedure is completely manual. One of the most used methods is the transplantation of parts of the scalp from regions where the hair still grows to the areas where they are needed. The Artas robot, manufactured by Restoration Robotics, was created to turn the transplant into something less invasive.

The machine collects yarns faster – collecting 750 to 1,000 threads per hour. And it still preserves the hair root with more quality for the implant, which still needs to be done by human hands. The hair robot has just been authorized by the FDA, which regulates food, drugs and medical and cosmetic procedures in the United States.

Good news to the dark-haired men who have grown tired of being bald. Bad news to blondes and redheads, the machine still can not collect light wires.

Source: Galileo Magazine