Scalp Laser SL 3600 stimulates hair growth

Meet the Scalp Laser Sl 3600 that stimulates hair growth

The American Scalp Laser SL 3600 is a low power Laser Therapy (LLLT), used to stimulate the growth of hair affected by baldness or some types of hair loss. International studies have shown that LLLT causes a stimulation of ATP (cell energy source) resulting in increased cell multiplication of the hair root, increasing hair growth rate and improving capillary thickness.

The name for this phenomenon is called biostimulation, that is, the energy generated by the laser in low power reaches the bulge (a structure located in the stem of the hair, very rich in stem cells) that causes a stimulation of these cells, providing a strengthening and thickening Of pre-existing hairs. Its anti-inflammatory action prevents and treats dermatitis and irritations of the scalp. The treatment is done in 8 to 12 sessions, depending on each case, once a week.