Scar Scalp Implant

Implante Capilar em Cicatrizes

Find out how Scar Scalp Implant can help you

Hair transplantation can be performed on scars located in hairy areas, although the scar tissue is sometimes thick, thin, hard or soft with satisfactory results. Thin scars almost universally respond well to hair transplantation. Thick scars have little vascularity and the amount of hair that grows after transplantation can be variable.

Usually, the doctor suggests more than one transplant session to create greater cosmetic density. It has been observed that when the hair grows on a scar, the scar returns to a more normal architecture in its color and thickness. This appears to be due to the transfer of stem cells (which surround the hair follicles) into the scar allowing the tissue to become more normal.

Rejection of donated hair in an area full of scars is more likely to occur than in a normal scalp. The experienced professional knows of the technical variations that are necessary to avoid this possibility.