Science believes to be close to finding cure for baldness

Is it the cure for baldness?

Hair loss is one of the greatest dramas of men and women around the world, but a study by the Columbia University Medical Center in the United States reveals that baldness may have the days counted

A team of researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center in the United States has discovered what may be the end of baldness. It is a drug that stimulates the growth of hair strands in people with alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair and hair loss.

As Medical News Today reveals, the American researchers have been able to prove that the drug ‘ruxolitinib’ was able to promote a “significant hair growth”. The conclusion came after more than three years of study on the subject.

By 2013, the same team of scientists had already successfully performed some tests on rats. At the time, the rodents showed a hair growth of around 30%.

The study was based on the analysis of the impact of this drug on 12 male and female patients with alopecia (moderate or severe), with an efficacy rate of 75% In each case, the hair growth rate was about 92%.

At issue, explains the publication, is the effective performance of this drug in blocking the immune pathway that is responsible for attacking the immune system to the hair follicles. Ruxolitinib (administered in the United States in some people with a certain type of cancer of the blood) is described as an inhibitor of the JAK pathway (jakibns), such as tofacitinib (used to treat rheumatoid arthritis).

Although the study was conducted with a small sample of people, it is assumed to be a hope. To date, only one study has yielded promising results, but without much success so far.

The findings of this new phase of American research have been published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation / Insight.

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