Scientists make human hair grow on the skin of mice

Human hair in mice

Japanese scientists led by Takashi Tsuji of the Tokyo University of Science succeeded in giving birth to human hair in a mouse. The experiment was part of a research on stem cell treatment and could be considered a breakthrough in combating hair loss.

Scientists have created a follicle – part of the skin where the hairs are born – from stem cells obtained from the skin of adult humans. They then transplanted these follicles into the back of the mouse, connecting them with the nerve and muscle fibers of the animal, and the hair grew normally. As the new follicle works perfectly, the “capillary cycle” is restored, meaning if the hair falls for some reason, a new hair will be born in the same place. With the results obtained, people suffering from baldness may have hope in the near future.

The research, which was published on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 by the scientific journal Nature Communications, showed once again the efficiency that stem cell treatment has in replacing organs in the body.