Search for beard implant grows 6 times in 5 years

Expert says ‘beard to be done’ is among the main goals of patients

The number of men who have been betting on the beard implant has skyrocketed in the past year, experts say. The numbers show that more and more men want to have a beard. The information is from the site of the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Bessam Farjo, founder of The Farjo Hair Institute, has noted that demand for surgery to boost facial follicles has increased six-fold in the last five years.

The expert says that the beard is an item that comes out and comes in fashion, but in the last 18 months more men are seeking to thicken the hairs or simply fill the voids. “Many patients are wanting to create the ‘beard-to-do’ flaw, he said, adding that this is a trend that has been very successful today.

Among the beards most cited by the men of 40 years, is the one of the actor Brad Pitt; While those in the 30s and 20s are inspired by player David Beckham.

Hair transplant procedures are the most popular among surgeries linked to the cosmetic area among men. More than 4,500 procedures were done in the last year, 13% more than in the previous year. This represents 300% more than the number of 1,043 male rhinoplasties made in the same period.

Farjo points out that men are increasingly taking advantage of what the aesthetic area has to offer. Facial hair transplants follow the same procedure as traditional hair transplants, most commonly associated with male pattern baldness treatment.

Source: Earth