Tennis player Rafael Nadal undergoes hair transplant in Spain

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Rafael Nadal does not give up fighting (nor) for his hair

We can never see Rafael Nadal at the peak of his form or show off the huge hair that he presented to the world in 2005, when his biceps still did not know what shirt sleeves were and the beaten track of Roland Garros Vigorous weight of the bull of Miúra, but surely we will never see in Mallorcan (born in Mallorca) osé fallen arms and eyes on the ground.

While there is life, there is hope, which is as it says: as long as there are legs to train and hair implants to bet on, nothing is lost. That said, the Mallorcan took advantage of the end of the season not only to be preparing all the gas the season of 2017 to give a new start to his increasingly weakened hair.

The world number nine underwent a treatment that, in a simplistic way, consisted of removing hair from the back of the neck to be implanted in the head of the head, an area where the problem was getting worse. According to El Mundo, the Extraction of Follicular Units, so called transplantation, took place in a clinic in Madrid and lasted 10 hours. The results, these, will be visible only within six months in April.

Mato Ansorena, a Spanish hair transplant specialist, told the newspaper that this type of treatment costs between four and six euros per follicular unit (each unit is composed of 2-3 hairs) and that the 30-year-old Majorcan would have Required 4500 hairs. Accounts made, the new capillary arrangement of the champion of 14 Grand Slams can go up to 9000 euros.

Undone the mystery (s)

When, about two weeks ago, Nadal appeared in public with his hair shaved, properly covered by a cap, speculation appeared in catadupa, with the version of the transplant gaining ground in the version that the Spaniard had surrendered to the evidence, Adopting a “Agassian” inspired look.

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P.S.> The capillary surgeon dr. João Carlos Pereira also performs this technique in his Day Hospital, with the Artas robot. If you want to know more, just access the links or send us an email request and we will be very happy to explain how it is possible to perform a hair transplant, just like the tennis player Rafael Nadal did.