White hair is on the rise …

“Those white, beautiful hair …” Roberto Carlos’s verses never made so much sense – at least among the celebrities. Among the personalities who are helping to leverage the new trend are top Kate Moss (who incorporated some silvery strands to the blond curls) and actress Jamie Lee Curtis who bet on the shades of gray.

Very common in Europe, in Brazil white or gray hairs are still a sign of old age and carelessness, but for those who want to adopt the new look, the experts tip is to combine color (or lack thereof) with a more modern cut with inclined wires And shredded.
White hairs begin to appear on average at age 40 and are caused when the hair cells stop producing melanocytes (pigment responsible for color).
Those who do not want to have white hair can use a nutritional complex based on vitamins, minerals, etc … beta-carotene and lycopene to slow down the evolution of hair pigment loss called cancie. Stimuli with low power laser also help in this process.