Woman makes eyebrow implant after pinch damage

A Briton had to shell out £ 3,500 to undergo eyebrow surgery because of the prolonged use of forceps to remove excess hair from the site.

Claire Culverwell, 30, said her addiction, which began in her youth, left her with just a few strands above her eyes.

A native of Whalley, northern England, she said that “for more than 15 years I’ve pulled my eyebrows weekly to make them thinner, but I could never have imagined that they would not grow any more.”

“When I realized what I had done, it was too late. I was very ashamed of what I did to myself,” he explained.

” I knew if I was going to just draw my eyebrows with a pencil I would not look natural, ” Claire added.


Claire, who is studying to be a dentist and is also a singer in her spare time, said that “when I was on stage singing or with patients in the clinic I was constantly aware of my image and decided that I needed to find a solution.

Claire’s treatment involved a six-hour surgery. In the procedure, a layer of your hair has been removed from the back of your head.

The hairs whose color and size most closely resembled those of his eyebrows were transplanted with the use of a needle.

Claire said she was happy with the results of the treatment, although she could only trim her eyebrows every two weeks for medical orders.

“After a relatively short surgery to remove hair from my scalp to my eyebrows, I almost got back to what I had before I started to start,” he said.

“I can finally get on the stage or go to the operating room with confidence and joy. I know it sounds really shallow for some people, but it really made a difference in my life.”

“It’s not about vanity and I did not do it to get attention. I did it for joy and I would do it all over again if I had to, “he said.

Source: beauty earth