Young bald man exchange wig for painting and fashion lance …

The Englishman Philip Levine, 28, decided to escape the obvious when he realized that he was losing his hair. Instead of buying a wig, he chose to tattoo his head. And with the most diverse themes.

The idea came into Levine’s mind – literally – when he scraped the few hair that grew and realized he could innovate. The young man then appealed to a designer and launched the fashion.

The temporary tattoo is done by an artist according to the mood of Philip Levine and his commitment on the day. Each painting takes an average of two hours to get ready.
“I’ve always wanted to express part of my personality in some way,” he says, posting the pictures of his head on the web.

The art director is designer Kat Sinclair, with whom Levine wants to make an exhibition of the 100 paintings she has done in her head.

Source: G1